Concierge Services

Driving cost savings and better outcomes through enhanced member service and education.

No matter how complex or simple, we all have healthcare needs. From finding a doctor to solving a billing problem, getting straight answers can seem impossible at times.

Current Medical Care Environment:

  • Uneducated patients
  • No understanding of cost
  • No understanding of quality
  • No understanding of alternatives
  • No guidance

Through strategic partner alliances, client’s of RMA will be able to offer a personal healthcare advisor to each member covered under their plan. The service is simple to use and can be made available immediately.

Here is just a sampling of the services provided:

  • Unlimited access to a healthcare expert
  • Unbiased doctor recommendations
  • Hospital cost and quality information
  • Straight answers about your benefits
  • Bill reconciliation
  • Insider information on saving money
  • Complete advisor for your healthcare


1. Cost Savings

Concierge Services provides members AND employers the price transparency they need to make informed decisions.

2. Better Outcomes

Statistics show that by picking one of the best physicians versus the average will save 12.5% of the facility cost.

  • Use established guidelines for the minimum volume of that exact procedure done annually.
  • Reviewed physicians’ length of stay, complication rates and mortality rates as   indicators.
  • Examined malpractice suits & disciplinary actions.
  • Explore physician education, license and Board Certifications.
  • Healthcare advisor checks availability by calling their office to make sure they are accepting new patients within a reasonable time frame.

Members are directed to physicians with the most experience and best results. Concierge Services elegantly aligns the employer's desire to reduce cost and the employee's desire to get the best care into a partnership serving both.